by Mark Teehan, TGS Recruiting Analyst

Behind the Numbers

By utilizing a comprehensive range of sources and ratings services to evaluate recruits, and by calculating a team?s class ranking on an aggregate, total-points basis (as opposed to an ?averaged? system, which can be misleading), I believe my rankings represent a more realistic barometer of a recruiting class?s overall potential. Furthermore, both high school and junior college prospects are rated (some recruiting analysts do not include jucos in their evaluations). Thus, my rankings are more thorough and inclusive. To a large degree, football is a numbers game--it is the accumulation and development of talent over a period of time that provides a program with the potential to flourish on a long-term basis. That being said, recruiting rankings are just an approximate gauge of a class?s future promise. There are still many future variables that cannot be calculated?injuries, grade problems, off-the-field temptations, a prospect?s passion and ability to develop, and the caliber, insight and stability of a team?s coaching staff.

In my ranking system, one point is awarded for a prep All-Regional prospect, and one point for a Junior College All-American; two points for a high school All-American. Bonus points are awarded for ?Impact? (+1) and ?Super-Impact? (+2) prep prospects, based on a careful evaluation of their ratings, scouting reports, and the strength of their high school or junior college programs, as well as the level of competition they faced. In my rankings for this article, the number of All-Regional prospects signed by a team includes All-American recruits, who are then listed separately, followed by any junior college All-Americans, then the number of Impact and/or Super-Impact players signed by each school for this season.

2012 Recruiting Rankings

Team Points (AR/AA/JCAA) Prep Impact/Super-Impact Players

1. Alabama 60 (24/17/2) 10
2. Texas 58 (26/20/2) 6
3. Miami (FL) 51 (31/10/1) 7
4. Florida 49 (22/14/1) 7
5. Ohio St. 49 (24/17/0) 6
6. Michigan 48 (25/16/0) 6
7. Florida St. 47 (17/13/2) 7
8. Stanford 45 (22/13/0) 7
9. Auburn 42 (21/14/0) 7
10. Oklahoma 41 (18/9/6) 3
11. Georgia 38 (18/9/1) 6
12. Southern Cal 38 (13/11/2) 8
13. UCLA 38 (22/9/1) 4
14. LSU 37 (21/13/0)3
15. Oregon 36 (18/11/2) 3
16. Clemson 35 (18/13/0) 3
17. Virginia Tech 35 (26/7/0) 2
18. Mississippi St. 35 (24/5/3) 1
19. So. Carolina 34 (23/9/0) 2
20. Tennessee 34 (18/9/3) 1
21. Texas A&M 33 (17/9/2) 3
22. Notre Dame 32 (15/9/0) 7
23. Washington 32 (22/6/1) 2
24. Texas Tech 31 (16/3/8) 1
25. Arkansas 30 (22/6/2) 0
26. Utah 29 (17/4/7) 0
27. West Virginia 29 (25/3/1) 0
28. California 28 (17/7/0) 3
29. Rutgers 28 (19/5/0) 3
30. Virginia 28 (20/5/0) 2
31. Oklahoma St. 28 (18/6/3) 0
32. Colorado 28 (25/2/0) 1
33. Cincinnati 28 (27/0/1) 0
34. Baylor 26 (19/4/2) 1
35. Iowa 26 (20/4/2) 0
36. Purdue 26 (22/2/2) 0
37. Kentucky 26 (24/1/1) 0
38. Maryland 25 (18/4/0) 2
39. Missouri 25 (18/4/1) 1
40. Nebraska 25 (15/5/2) 0
41.* No. Carolina 25 (22/3/0) 0
41.*Vanderbilt 25 (22/3/0) 0
41.*Arizona 25 (22/3/0) 0
44. Arizona St. 24 (12/2/7) 1
45. TCU 24 (19/4/1) 0
46. Michigan St. 23 (17/4/0) 2
47. Pittsburgh 22 (14/5/0) 2
48. Louisville 22 (19/2/0) 1
49. Oregon St. 22 (16/2/3) 1
50. Minnesota 22 (16/2/4) 0
51. Houston 21 (17/1/1) 1
52. Northwestern 21 (17/3/0) 1
53. Penn State 21 (18/2/0) 1
54. So. Florida 21 (14/2/4) 1
55. Indiana 21 (16/0/5) 0
56. Mississippi 19 (11/2/4) 1
57. Washington St. 19 (14/1/3) 1
58. No. Carolina St. 19 (17/0/2) 0
59. Wake Forest 18 (18/0/0) 0
60. Wisconsin 17 (10/5/0) 2
61. Georgia Tech 17 (15/2/0) 0
62. Syracuse 17 (13/2/2) 0
63. BYU 16 (12/2/1) 1
64. Southern Miss 16 (12/1/3) 0
65. SMU 16 (15/0/1) 0
66. Iowa St. 16 (14/0/2) 0
67. Kansas St. 16 (9/0/6) 0
*Tie for the position

Remainder of the teams tallied 15 or fewer recruiting points this year.


While it?s the accumulation of quality talent over a number of seasons that defines a school?s longevity as a high-quality program, more and more in these days of instant reward, we are seeing new arrivals making an impact in their first season. Here?s a look at the players most likely to see action and to help their teams this season.

From my 2012 Top 67 Team Rankings, with teams in alpha order, based on a recruit?s talent, position, and his team?s needs.
(Key: **=Super-Impact recruit; *=Impact recruit; ^=Enrolled for Spring Practice; AA=High school All-American; AR=High school All-Regional; NR=High school Not Rated; JCAA=Junior College All-American; JC=Junior College Not Rated; PS=Attended Prep school; ATH=Primary position undetermined; T=Tie).

ALABAMA (No. 1)?RB T.J. Yeldon (**AA^); CB Travell Dixon (**JCAA^); CB Deion Belue (*JCAA^); ATH Eddie Williams (**AA); DB Landon Collins (**AA); WR Amari Cooper (**AA^); WR Chris Black (*AA^); CB Geno Smith (*AA); LB Reggie Ragland (*AA); ATH Cyrus Jones (*AA); LB Ryan Anderson (*AA^); LB Dillon Lee (*AA^); K Adam Griffith (AR).

ARIZONA (No. 41T)?DE Kyle Kelley (AA); WR Trey Griffey (AR); WR Clive Georges (AR); DB Leo Thomas (AR); DB Yamen Sanders (AR); DB William Parks (AR); RB Anthony Lopez (AR); LB C.J. Dozier (AR^); ATH J.T. Washington (AR).

ARIZONA ST. (No. 44)?RB Marion Grice (**JCAA); WR Alonzo Agwuenu (JCAA); DB Chris Young (JCAA); DT Mike Pennel (JCAA); LB Steffon Martin (JCAA); DB Oliver Johnson (JCAA); ATH D.J. Foster (*AA); OL Evan Goodman (AA); DB Laiu Moeakiola (AR); DT Jake Sheffield (JCAA^).

ARKANSAS (No. 25)?DE Austin Flynn (JCAA^); WR Demetrius Wilson (JCAA); WR Keon Hatcher (AA); DE Taiwan Johnson (AA); LB Otha Peters (AA); DB Will Hines (AR); RB Jonathan Williams (AA); DB Defonta Lowe (AR).

AUBURN (No. 9)?WR JaQuay Williams (*AA); ATH Ricardo Louis (*AA); OL Avery Young (*AA); OT Jordan Diamond (*AA); CB Joshua Holsey (*AA); QB Zeke Pike (AA^); RB Jovon Robinson (AA); DB T.J. Davis (AR).

BAYLOR (No. 34)?DE Javonte Magee (*AA); DT Joey Searcy (JCAA); LB Eddie Lackey (JCAA^); WR Corey Coleman (AA); DB Aiavion Edwards (AA); CB Terrell Burt (AR); LB Brian Nance (AA).

BYU (No. 63)?QB Tanner Mangum (*AA); DT Marques Johnson (JCAA); DE Troy Hinds (AA); WR Josh Weeks (AR); DB Matt Hadley (AR).

CALIFORNIA (No. 28)?WR Bryce Treggs (**AA); QB Zach Kline (*AA^); WR Darius Powe (*AA); ATH Cedric Dozier (AA); LB Michael Barton (AA); OT Freddie Tagaloa (AA); OT Christian Okafor (AR^).

CINCINNATI (No. 33)?RB Aaron Harris (JCAA); QB Bennie Coney (AR^); WR Jeremy Graves (AR); DE Ryan Leahy (AR); ATH Marcus Foster (AR^); DB Andre Jones (AR); OL Caleb Stacey (AR); LB Joey Jones (AR); QB Trenton Norvell (AR^).

CLEMSON (No. 16)?DB Travis Blanks (**AA^); DT Carlos Watkins (*AA); WR Germone Hopper (*AA); ATH Zac Brooks (AA^); OT Isaiah Battle (PSAA^); OL Patrick Destefano (AA^); DB Cordrea Tankersley (AA); DE Shaq Lawson (AA); QB Chad Kelly (AA).

COLORADO (No. 32)?DB Yuri Wright (*AA); DB Kenneth Crawley (AA); RB Davien Payne (AR); RB Clay Norgard (AR^); WR Peyton Williams (AR); WR Gerald Thomas (AR); WR Jeffrey Thomas (AR); DE Kisima Jagne (AR); OL Jeromy Irwin (AR); QB Shane Dillon (AR).

FLORIDA (No. 4)?WR Latroy Pittman (AA^); DT Damien Jacobs (**JCAA^); RB Matt Jones (AA); OL D.J. Humphries (**AA^); DE/OLB Dante Fowler Jr. (**AA); TE Kent Taylor (*AA); WR Raphael Andrades (AR); DB Marcus Maye *AA); DE Jonathan Bullard (**AA); OL Jessamen Dunker (*AA^).

FLORIDA ST. (No. 7)- RB Mario Pender (**AA^); OT Daniel Glauser (*JCAA^); CB Ronald Darby (**AA); WR Marvin Bracy (AA); QB Jameis Winston (**AA); P Cason Beatty (AR^); DL Mario Edwards (**AA); DT Eddie Goldman (**AA); LB Ukeme Eligwe (**AA); OL Menelik Watson (JCAA).

GEORGIA (No. 11)?RB Keith Marshall (**AA^); OL John Theus (**AA); OL Mark Beard (JCAA^); RB Todd Gurley (*AA); ATH Josh Harvey-Clemons (**AA); DE Jordan Jenkins (**AA); ATH Sheldon Dawson (AA); DT Jonathan Taylor (*AA); K/P Marshall Morgan (AR); P/K Collin Barber (AR).

GEORGIA TECH (No. 61)?DE Francis Kallon (AA); ATH Justin Thomas (AA); ATH Marcus Allen (AR); ATH Dennis Andrews (AR); DB D.J. White (AR); DT Pat Gamble (AR); LB Beau Hankins (AR); OL Chase Roberts (AR).

HOUSTON (No. 51)?WR Deontay Greenberry (**AA); WR Xavier Maxwell (JCAA); RB Terrence Taylor (AR); DB Jarrett Irving (AR); DB Trevon Stewart (AR); DE Bryan Singleton (AR); DT Donald Hopkins (AR); ATH William Jackson (AR).

INDIANA (No. 55)?LB David Cooper (JCAA^); DB Antonio Marshall (JCAA^); LB Jacarri Alexander (JCAA^); DB Ryan Thompson (JCAA^); QB Cameron Coffman (JCAA^); RB Tevin Coleman (AR); DT Raphael Green (AR); DE Justin Rayside (JC^); TE Jason Spriggs (AR); QB Nathan Sudfeld (AR).

IOWA (No. 35)?RB Greg Garmon (AA); OL Eric Simmons (JCAA^); P Connor Kornbrath (AR); OL Ryan Ward AA); DT Jaleel Johnson (AA); DE Faith Ekakitie (AA); DB Maurice Fleming Jr. (AR); WR Greg Mabin (AR); DB Anthony Morgan (AR).

IOWA ST. (No. 66)?CB Clifford Stokes (JCAA^); DE Cory Morrissey (JCAA^); WR Dondre Daley (AR); WR Patrick Harris (AR); ATH Damien Lawry (AR); LB Darius White (AR); DT Devlyn Cousin (AR); WR Quan West (AR).

KANSAS ST. (No. 67)?WR Marquez Clark (*JCAA^); OT Tavon Rooks (JCAA^); OL Ellwood Clement (JCAA); DT Wesley Hollingshed (JCAA^); DT Chaquil Reed (JCAA); DB Kent Gainous (JCAA); RB Jarvis Leverett (AR).

KENTUCKY (No. 37)?DB Kory Brown (JCAA^); QB Patrick Towles (AA); P/K Landon Foster (AR); WR DeMarcus Sweat (AR); RB Justin Taylor (AR); RB Dyshawn Mobley (AR); WR A.J. Legree (AR); DB Daron Blaylock (AR); DB Shawn Blaylock (AR); DB Zack Blaylock (AR); LB Kadeem Thomas (AR); DT Thomas Chapman (AR).

LOUISVILLE (No. 48)?LB Nick Dawson (*AA); LB Keith Brown (AA^); RB Brandon Radcliff (AR); LB James Burgess Jr. (AR^);TE Hunter Bowles (AR).

LSU (No. 14)- WR Avery Johnson (*AA); OLB Kwon Alexander (*AA); OL Vadal Alexander (*AA^); DB Corey Thompson (AA); DB Jalen Mills (AR); ATH Lamar Louis (AA^); DE Danielle Hunter (AA); WR Travin Dural (AA); DB Dwayne Thomas (AA); OLB Ronnie Feist (AA^).

MARYLAND (No. 38)?WR Stefon Diggs (**AA); RB Wes Brown (*AA); ATH Albert Reid (AA); DB Alvin Hill (AR); LB Abner Logan (AA); QB Perry Hills (AR).

MIAMI (FL) (No. 3)?DB Ladarius Gunter (JCAA^); RB Randy Johnson (**AA); CB Tracy Howard (**AA); DE Tyriq McCord (*AA); DB Deon Bush (*AA); LB Raphael Kirby (*AA^); DE Jelani Hamilton (*AA); WR Angelo Jean-Louis (*AA); WR Robert Lockhart (PSAA); WR Malcolm Lewis (AA); QB Preston Dewey (AR^); OL Ereck Flowers (AA^); OL Daniel Isidora (AR).

MICHIGAN (No. 6)?DT Ondre Pipkins (**AA); OL Kyle Kalis (*AA); OL Eric Magnuson (*AA); OLB Joe Bolden (*AA^); DE Tom Strobel (*AA); DB Terry Richardson (*AA); WR Amara Darboh (AA); DB Jarrod Wilson (AA^); DT Matthew Godin (AR); DE Christopher Wormley (AA).

MICHIGAN ST. (No. 46)?WR Aaron Burbridge (*AA); DB Demetrious Cox (*AA); WR Kyle Kerrick (AR^); WR Monty Madaris (AA); DE Jamal Lyles (AA); DB Ezra Robinson (AR); DB Jermaine Edmondson (AR); QB Tyler O?Connor (AR).

MINNESOTA (No. 50)?RB James Gillum (JCAA^); CB Martez Shabazz (JCAA^); CB Briean Boddy (JCAA^); WR Andre McDonald (WR); WR Isaac Fruechte (JC^); DT Roland Johnson (JCAA); WR Jamel Harbison (AR); DB Jeremy Baltazar (JC^); RB Rodrick Williams Jr. (AR); DE Lincoln Pisek (AR); DB Damarius Travis (AR); OT Jonah Pirsig (AR); OG Isaac Hayes (AA); QB Phillip Nelson (AA^).

MISSISSIPPI (No. 56)?QB Bo Wallace (JCAA^); OL Pierce Burton (JCAA^); OL Darone Bailey (JCAA^); DB Dehendret Collins (JCAA^); DE Channing Ward (**AA); RB I?Tavius Mathers (AA); DB Trae Elston (AR); DT Isaac Gross (AR); RB Jaylen Walton (AR).

MISSISSIPPI ST. (No. 18)?DT Quay Evans (*AA^); DE Denrico Autry (**JCAA^); OT Charles Siddoway (JCAA^); OG Dylan Holley (JCAA^); DT Nick James (AA); ATH Will Redmond (AA); ATH Beniquez Brown (AA); DB Quadry Antoine (AR)

MISSOURI (No. 39)?WR Dorial Green-Beckham (**AA); LB Markus Golden (JCAA); OL Evan Boehm (AA); LB Donovin Newsom (AA); DB Chaston Cuffee (AR).

NEBRASKA (No. 40)?DB Mohammed Seisay (**JCAA^); LB Zaire Anderson (*JCAA); WR Jordan Westerkamp (AA); ATH Alonzo Moore (AA); DE Greg McMullen (AA); OL Paul Thurston (AA); ATH Leroy Alexander (AR); QB Tommy Armstrong (AA).

NO. CAROLINA (No. 41T)?WR Quinshad Davis (AA); OL J.J. Patterson (AA); QB James Summers (AA); LB Shakeel Rashad (AR^); TE Terrance Knox (AR^); DB Clinton Heaven (AR); WR Kendrick Singleton (AR).

NO. CAROLINA ST. (No. 58)?LB Robert Caldwell (JCAA); DT Deylan Buntyn (JCAA^); OL Quincy McKinney (PSAR^); WR Charlie Hegedus (AR); DB Jarnor Jones (AR); DB Marchez Coates (AR); DT K?Hadree Hooker (AR).

NORTHWESTERN (No. 52)?DE Ifeadi Odenigbo (*AA); DT Greg Kuhar (AA); OL Adam DePietro (AA); RB Malin Jones (AR); WR Mike McHugh (AR); DB Dwight White (AR); DB Eric Wilson (AR); DB Traveon Henry (AR); DB Terrance Brown (AR).

NOTRE DAME (No. 22)?S Elijah Shumate (*AA); ATH KeiVarae Russell (*AA); DT Sheldon Day (*AA^); WR Chris Brown (AR); WR Justin Ferguson (AR); WR Davonte Neal (*AA); ATH Nicky Baratti (AR); RB William Mahone (AA); DT/OT Jarron Jones (*AA); OT Ronnie Stanley (*AA); QB Gunner Kiel (**AA^).

OHIO STATE (No. 5)?RB Bri?onte Dunn (*AA^); DE Se?von Pittman (*AA^); DE Noah Spence (**AA); DE Adolphus Washington (**AA); OL Joey O?Connor (*AA); LB Josh Perry (AA^).

OKLAHOMA (No. 10)?CB Kasseim Everett (**JCAA^); DE Chaz Nelson (JCAA^); TE Brannon Green (JCAA^); RB Damien Williams (JCAA); RB Alex Ross (*AA); WR Durron Neal (*AA); WR Sterling Shepard (*AA); OL Will Latu (*JCAA).

OKLAHOMA ST. (No. 31)?Wes Lunt (AA^); TE Blake Jackson (*JCAA^); DT Calvin Barnett (JCAA^); OL Chris Grisbhy (JCAA); WR Brandon Sheperd (AA); WR C.J. Curry (AA); OL Michael Wilson (AA); OL Greg Brantley (AA); LB Jeremiah Tshimanga (AR^); LB Seth Jacobs (AA); WR Blake Webb (AR).

OREGON (No. 15)?DE Arik Armstead (**AA^); OT Kyle Long (*JCAA); WR Bralon Addison (*AA); WR Dwayne Stanford (AA); DE Alex Balducci (*AA); DT Stetzon Bair (JCAA); DB Reggie Daniels (AA); DB Eric Amoako (AR); DB Stephen Amoako (AR); WR Chance Allen (AR); RB Byron Marshall (AA); QB Jake Rodrigues (AA^).

OREGON ST. (No. 49)?OL Stanley Hasiak (JCAA); OL Isaac Seumalo (*AA); LB Cade Cowdin (JCAA^); LB Dyllon Mafi (JCAA); TE Caleb Smith (AA^); RB Chris Brown (AR); WR Malik Gilmore (AR); DB Tyler Hasty (AR); QB Brent VanderVeen (AR); LB Caleb Saulo (AR^).

PENN ST. (No. 53)?WR Eugene Lewis (*AA); DT Jamil Pollard (AA); RB Akeel Lynch (AR).

PITTSBURGH (No. 47)?RB Rushel Shell (**AA); QB Chad Voytik (*AA); TE J.P. Holtz (AA); OL Adam Bisnowaty (AA); WR Trenton Coles AR).

PURDUE (No. 36)?DE Greg Latta (JCAA^); OL Devin Smith (JCAA); ATH/TE Carlos Carvajal (PSAA^); K/P Paul Griggs (AR); DE Ryan Watson (AA); WR Cameron Posey (AR); DE Kingsley Ike (AR).

RUTGERS (No. 29)?DE Darius Hamilton (**AA); WR Leonte Caroo (*AA); OL Chris Muller (*AA); LB Quanzell Lambert (AA); OL J.J. Denman (AA); K Kyle Federico (AR^).

SO. CAROLINA (No. 19)?RB Mike Davis (*AA); WR Shaq Roland (*AA); OL Brock Stadnik (AA^); WR Kwinton Smith (AA); DB Jordan Diggs (AA); DB Chaz Elder (AA); WR Jody Fuller (AA); OL Joe Harris (AA); DB T.J. Gurley (AR); DB Kyle Fleetwood (AR); OL Clayton Stadnik (AR^); K/P Nick St. Germain (NR); QB Brendan Nosovitch (AR).

SO. FLORIDA (No. 54)?DE Tevin Mims (JCAA^); OL Chandlor Mathews (JCAA^); RB Michael Pierre (JCAA); DB Fidel Montgomery (JCAA^); DT James Hamilton (AR^); WR D?Vario Montgomery (*AA); TE Sean Price (AA); OL Lawrence Martin (JC^).

SOUTHERN CAL (No. 12)?DB Gerald Bowman (**JCAA); DE Morgan Breslin (*JCAA^); WR Nelson Agholor (**AA); OT Zach Banner (*AA); OT Max Tuerk (*AA); DE Leonard Williams (*AA); LB Jabari Ruffin (*AA); LB Scott Starr (AA^); OL Jordan Simmons (*AA); WR Darreus Rogers (*AA); CB Kevin Seymour (*AA).

SMU (No. 65)?DB Daniel Roundtree (JCAA^); OL Seaver Myers (AR); OL Sam Rice (AR); WR Gehrig Dieter (AR^); CB Ty Law (AR); DB Shakiel Randolph (AR); DE Brian Cramer (AR); LB Lincoln Richard (AR).

SOUTHERN MISS (No. 64)?DE Adam Williams (JCAA^); DE Anthony Wilson (JCAA); OL Cedric Chisolm (JCAA); LB Dylan Reda (JC^); QB Anthony Alford (AA); WR D.J. Thompson (AR); ATH De?Antre Lawrence (AR).

STANFORD (No. 8)?OT Kyle Murphy (**AA); OT Andrus Peat (**AA); DE Aziz Shittu (**AA); RB Barry Sanders (*AA); DB Alex Carter (*AA); LB Noor Davis (*AA); OL Joshua Garnett (*AA); WR Conner Crane (AR); WR Michael Rector (AR); DB Drew Madhu (AR); DE Luke Kaumatule (AA).

SYRACUSE (No. 62)?DE Markus Pierce-Brewster (JCAA); DT Zian Jones (JCAA); TE Ron Thompson (AA); QB Ashton Broyld (PSAA^).

TENNESSEE (No. 20)?WR Cordarrelle Patterson (**JCAA); DT Daniel McCullers (*JCAA); DE Darrington Sentimore (JCAA^); DE Trent Taylor (AA^); DB LaDarrell McNeil (*AA); WR Jason Croom (AA); WR Drae Bowles (AA); ATH Davante Bourque (AA); DB Deion Bonner (AA); DT Danny O?Brien (AA).

TCU (No. 45)?DB Keivon Gamble (JCAA^); DE Devonte Fields (AA); TE Griffin Gilbert (AA); QB Tyler Matthews (AA^); OL Halapoulivaati Vaitai (AA).

TEXAS (No. 2)?Donald Hawkins (*JCAA^); DT Brandon Moore (JCAA^); RB Jonathan Gray (**AA); DT Malcolm Brown (**AA); WR Cayleb Jones (**AA); ATH Kendall Sanders (*AA); OL Curtis Riser (*AA); OL Kennedy Estelle (*AA); QB Connor Brewer (AA^).

TEXAS A&M (No. 21)?DB Otis Jacobs (*JCAA^); RB Trey Williams (**AA); WR Thomas Johnson (*AA); DB DeVante Harris (*AA); WR Derel Walker (JCAA^); QB Matt Davis (AA^); ATH Edward Pope (AA).

TEXAS TECH (No. 24)?WR Javon Bell (**JCAA^); OLB Will Smith (*JCAA^); DE Lee Adams (JCAA^); DB Austin Stewart (JCAA^); LB Chris Payne (JCAA^); OL Rashad Fortenberry (JCAA^); DE/OG Michael Starts (*AA); WR Dominique Wheeler (AA); WR Reginald Davis (AA).

UCLA (No. 13)?OL Alexandru Ceachir (JCAA^); DE Ellis McCarthy (**AA); ATH Devon Fuller (**AA); WR Jordan Payton (*AA); CB Ishmael Adams (*AA); QB TJ Millweard (AR^); WR Javon Williams (AA); DB Marcus Rios (AA^);OL Lacy Westbrook (AA).

UTAH (No. 26)?RB Kelvin York (*JCAA^); DE Koliniasi Leota (JCAA^); OL Carlos Lozano (JCAA); DT Tenny Palepoi (JCAA); OL Marc Pouvave (JCAA); DT Visesio Salt (JCAA); DE Sione Tupouata (JCAA); ATH Chase Hansen (AA^); QB Travis Wilson (AR^); DB Justin Thomas (AA).

VANDERBILT (No. 41T)?RB Brian Kimbrow (AA); DE Caleb Azubike (AA); OL Andrew Jelks (AA); QB Patton Robinette (AR^); LB Darreon Herring (AR^); WR Cory Batey (AR); DB Brandon Banks (AR); OL Will Holden (AR); OL Kevin McCoy (AR); LB Stephen Weatherly (AR).

VIRGINIA (No. 30)?OLB/DE Eli Harold (**AA); LB Kwontie Moore (*AA); DE Michael Moore (AA); QB Greyson Lambert (AA^); ATH Canaan Severin (AA).

VIRGINIA TECH (No. 17)?RB J.C. Coleman (*AA^); ATH Joel Caleb (*AA); DB Donaldven Manning (AA^); RB Drew Harris (AA); LB Ken Ekanem (AA); LB Trey Edmunds (AA); LB Deon Clarke (AA); WR Joshua Stanford (AR); WR Thomas Smith (AR); DB Der?Woun Greene (AR).

WAKE FOREST (No. 59)?WR Jared Crump (AR); ATH Ryan Janvion (AR); CB James Ward (AR); CB LaRonji Vason (AR); WR Jonathan Williams (AR); QB Tyler Cameron (AR^); DE Josh Banks (AR).

WASHINGTON (No. 23)?DT Josh Banks (JCAA); S Shaq Thompson (**AA); QB Cyler Miles (*AA); DB Brandon Beaver (AA); WR Dwayne Washington (AR); RB Ryan McDaniel (AR^); DE Pio Vatuvei (AA); K/P Travis Coons (JC); P/K Korey Durkee (AR); ATH Jaydon Mickens (AA); OL Jake Eldrenkamp (AR); DE Kalei Auelua (AR); DB Cleveland Wallace (AR); CB Darien Washington (AR).

WASHINGTON ST. (No. 57)?P/K Michael Bowlin (JC^); OL Niu Sale (JCAA); WR Gabriel Marks (*AA); RB Theron West (JCAA); DT Ioane Gauta (JCAA); LB Jeremiah Allison (AR); LB Khalil Pettway (AR); LB Keith Ewing (AR); WR Alex Jackson (AR); DB David Buchanon (AR); DE Destiny Vaeao (AR); RB Teondray Caldwell (PSAR).

WEST VIRGINIA (No. 27)?OL Mark Glowinski (JCAA); WR Deontay McManus (AA); LB Sam Lebbie (AA); WR Devonte Robinson (AR); DB Sean Walters (AR); RB Tory Clayton (AR); LB Garrett Hope (AR); DB Kimlon Dillon (AR); DB Karl Joseph (AR^); DT Imarjaye Albury (AR^); DE Korey Harris (AR); OL Tyler Orlosky (AA).

WISCONSIN (No. 60)?LB Vince Biegel (*AA); OL Dan Voltz (*AA^); DB Hugs Etienne (AR^); DB D.J. Singleton (AA); RB Vonte Jackson (AA^); QB Bart Houston (AA); WR Reggie Love (AR); OL Walker Williams (AR).


(Based on strong upward movement on the 2009-2012 Cumulative Chart, compared to last year?s chart)

1. TCU (+15 gain)
2. Virginia (+14 gain)
3. Stanford (+11 gain, to No. 19)
4. Utah (+11 gain, to No. 35)
5. Baylor (+11 gain, to No. 39)
6. Cincinnati (+10 gain, from unlisted to No. 56)
7. Rutgers (+ 9 gain)
8. Vanderbilt (+7 gain, from unlisted to No. 59)
9. Texas Tech (+6 gain)


(Note: One recruiting class does not define a program, but it can have repercussions for a team in the future, and it can be a barometer of a squad?s state and direction.)

The phenomenon of ?Juco Overload? and a surprising recent participant. One normally expects teams such as Texas Tech (8 JCAA?s and 1 other juco signed in 2012), Kansas State (6 JCAA?s and 1 other), Utah (7 JCAA?s), and Arizona State (7 and 2) to lead the pack in juco signings, for a variety of reasons--their locale, a head coach?s approach to building a program, graduation losses leading to immediate team needs, a staff?s failure to sign its targeted prep prospects, etc. JC prospects generally are more mature than their younger prep counterparts, possessing better developed strength and skill-sets, and they often are expected to start if they are AA-caliber; their juco downside is that most only have two years of eligibility. Under HC Bill Snyder?s first reign at K-State (1989-2005), his Wildcats were perennial ?Juco Kings.? However, it is unusual to see a classic Top 25 ?power? program sign more than 2-3 JCAA?s in a given year, as such schools usually take a selective approach. The foundation of such programs consists of prep prospects (who often redshirt) who can be developed by a coaching staff.

Thus, it was surprising this year to see a top program such as Oklahoma, whose coach Bob Stoops has typically signed just a few JCAA?s (five total were inked in 2008 and 2009; none the past two years) add six JCAA?s this season. Granted, two of those JCAA?s were rated as ?Super-Impact? types, while another earned ?Impact? status, making their potential quality impressive (see the Some Newcomers to Watch article for details). Perhaps the fact that the Sooners were able to land just nine prep AA?s, of whom only three were ?Impact? types--levels noticeably lower than the norm in Norman--played a role. By way of contrast, in-state rival Oklahoma State, a squad that traditionally had been aggressive in signing jucos, added a moderate three JCAA?s this year.

From a different perspective, among the other situations that typically have fostered high juco signing levels are new head coaches arriving late to the arduous recruiting process, obviously at a disadvantage in assessing their new team?s needs and in establishing a rapport with in-state high school coaches and prep prospects. A prime example of this was the well-traveled (his fourth team in the past six years!) Todd Graham, the new coach at Arizona State--coincidentally, another program that has had bouts of Juco Overload in past years. Graham had little choice but to go hard on the juco route, signing nine, seven of whom were JCAA?s. It is worth noting that Rich Rodriguez, also a new head coach, at in-state rival Arizona, with more time, did not add even one JCAA.

Finally, the classic scenario that generates a large influx of jucos is the case of downtrodden, rebuilding programs whose new head coaches have little choice but to bite the bullet and take the juco ?quick-fix? route, at least for 1-2 years. Examples this season are Indiana (5 JCAA?s + 2 other jucos---all but one slotted to plug the Hoosiers? sieve-like, 37-ppg defense) and Minnesota (4 JCAA?s + 2 other jucos), whose veteran second-year coach Jerry Kill wisely sought to inject more speed into a traditionally slow secondary and to acquire playmakers on offense to complement his talented, much- improved QB, MarQueis Gray. When such an approach is taken early in a new coach?s regime, it makes sense. Alternately, when it occurs in Year Four of a coach?s program, it smacks of desperation and failure. It is noteworthy that the Big Ten is a conference that has never been known for signing many juco recruits.

* * *

Memo to Missouri?s Gary Pinkel. While it is laudable to be publicly confident of your squad, it borders on delusional if you think recruiting at the current quality level will keep your team competitive and winning in your new conference?the tough, brimming-with-speed SEC. Think again! The Tigers? signing of the nation?s consensus top recruit, in-state WR Dorial Green-Beckham, was a great move. But Missouri?s average of just four prep AA?s landed over the past five years (inflated by the eight signed in 2010) will not cut it in the SEC, where most teams boast deep and serious defensive speed, starting on the DL. Moving from the defensively-challenged Big 12, Pinkel?s offense, which cruised at a 35 ppg clip over the past five years, is in for a rude surprise. Furthermore, over the past three years, Missouri has recruited an average of eight prospects from Texas, a commendable trend that must continue or increase. Conversely, signing an average of only one recruit from SEC country will have to improve; as Missouri now plays its away games in the South, that pivotal shift in Tiger recruiting should occur. At least Mizzou can take slight solace that it will be playing in the SEC East, not the brutally tough West.

* * *

Fellow SEC newcomer Texas A&M will play in that SEC West Division, currently the toughest in college football. In their favor, the Aggies have recruited at a higher level in their fertile home state of Texas, signing an average of eight prep AA?s over the past five years. A&M also has had the benefit of playing against SEC competition annually (the Aggies? rivalry game with Arkansas) and have tangled (unsuccessfully) with two SEC teams in recent bowl games. True, on-field results under since-fired coach Mike Sherman did not match his solid recruiting classes (at least they rated that way on paper), but new HC Kevin Sumlin (from Houston) has a reasonable chance to reverse that dichotomy, at least in a few years.

* * *

Kudos to HC Dana Holgorsen and his staff of West Virginia. Moving from the sinking Big East to the Big 12, Holgorsen (former offensive coordinator at Oklahoma State) not only pulled in a solid Top 30 recruiting class?the school?s best since 2009?but also managed to sign 11 recruits from Florida and five from Texas. They will give the Mountaineers improved speed and athleticism as they gear up to face the likes of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas, and Baylor. As cagey Lou Holtz has said, ?Speed kills.?

* * *

?The Getting the Most out of the Least? Award goes to?Southern Cal! Limited to signing just 15 recruits as the result of NCAA sanctions, coach Lane Kiffin and his staff made the most of it, landing an amazing 11 prep AA?s (85% of his prep total, of whom 8 were ?Impact? prospects!) and 2 ?Impact? JCAA?s. That gave Kiffin?s squad an eye-opening No. 12 ranking this season despite its quantity restrictions.

* * *

Kudos also to HC Jimbo Fisher and his staff at Florida State. The Seminoles managed to sign an astounding seven ?Super-Impact? recruits (100% of their ?Impact? signees, and 50+% of their AA?s). Now if that continued high-profile recruiting could just translate into more wins on the field.


Special thanks to my son, Julian Teehan of PC Recruiting, for valuable technical help and inspiration.

The following services were used as sources to help generate a comprehensive database and more accurate rankings: Rivals.yahoo.com--by far the best Internet recruiting service; Scout.com; MaxPreps.com (Tom Lemming); ESPN.go.com; 247sports.com (Bobby Burton and Shannon Terry); JCFootball.com (featuring J.C. Gridwire).

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